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Hi, my name is Alexander.

I ride a Vespa sometimes and I've been documenting people during their most meaningful life moments since 2011 (not at the same time, but what a hilarious idea though, right?).

I've experienced an array of human circumstances that have made me laugh (the loud kind), cry (the ugly kind), and wonder how fortunate I am to have come upon such a wild life. I'm deeply fascinated by the the way we live: the peculiar relationships we each share with one another, the weird glances between lovers, or the breath that escapes when we stare into the eyes of nature. These things shape us - to love, to lose, and to persevere with gratefulness. My passion is sharing that enthusiasm with others as we create, explore, and build things for a better future. When I'm not devouring a burger or discussing which bourbon is best (there is no best bourbon), you'll find me photographing a story somewhere in the world.

I'm here to discover unique narratives, learn from my mistakes, spend time with my family, and create beautiful things from the most honest parts of my heart. I could certainly say a lot of cliché things about documenting wedding stories, but I'll stop here and say that I'm simply excited to meet you and capture your love in a new way, which is the best way I know how.

P.S. - Please don't be alarmed at how many black and grey sweaters I own - I assure you it's not a reflection of my soul. It's likely that I'll be as dapper at your wedding as I can  :) 



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