As far as we know, life only happens once. Let's cherish it. 


We're Brea Marie & Alexander. We live a simple life between Ohio and Florida with our 20 pound cat and a love for travel. Time passes quickly, and we want our work to reflect how incredible each and every moment is. There is always something to be thankful for, always a ray of light in the darkest times. We shoot with the intent to capture how things feel, and both of us bring different perspectives to our imagery. Most importantly, we are grateful that it resonates with the amazing humans we get to work with. So enough about us as a team! We think it's important that you hear from us as individuals as well, since, you know, we're both humans and stuff.


Photo of us lovingly taken by the incomparable Nirav Patel

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From Brea Marie

I’m a small human with a huge passion to create and explore. It’s what keeps me going when life gets me down, and I’m very keen on seeing the bright side. There’s so much freedom in allowing yourself to like things and I always try to focus on that truth. Anyone who’s met me knows that I’m a pretty sensitive soul, and I love to use that sensitivity as a tool to build strong connections in life. Be it with a friend or a client, I care about who you are and I want to know what makes your heart ache with joy or sorrow. The more real, the better. I usually have crazy hair (right now it's silver, but it's always changing) and I love to rock a good red lip. I also love to make people laugh and absurd dance moves are my specialty.

My favorite ways to decompress are: keeping my hands busy with various arts (think watercolor, hand weaving, calligraphy, or knitting), drinking red wine with dinner, and snuggling with my 21 pound cat named Leonard.


From Alexander

The first thing I can tell you about myself is that I live my days around basically one thing - experiencing people and places in as many ways as possible. I am obsessed... nay, consumed... with the desire to make art, and photographing connections between people is just one way I love to do that. I've been fortunate enough to marry Brea Marie - a kind, smart-as-hell, creative powerhouse who shares my penchant for photography and beautiful things. I don't know if that's because I'm lucky or if she's silly. Probably both. I believe in portraying who I am honestly. When shooting photos, you can expect me to tell the truth about whether or not your chin looked good in that shot, or if your arms look weird hanging like that.

Practically speaking, I enjoy a good burger, local craft beer from literally anywhere, great design, laughing, and... yeah, sometimes I cry, so what? I love making friends, so if anything, let's just chat for fun and maybe have a whisky.