Two thousand 18

I’ve always been unsure how to write words alongside images which only share a year in common. I suppose they also share a commonality in the fact that I took them, to be fair. But if I must write something (which I am unsure if I must), then I’d say this year was a rebirth. I stopped caring what others think and began caring more about others. I stopped controlling things and allowed life to unfold. I worked alongside Ben and Mads to create and host a creative’s camping adventure called Ramble. I released my expectations on who I thought I must be and allowed my circumstances to show me things I never knew I needed.

Vulnerability became a personal theme through a divorce that changed me profoundly. I let certain pains sharpen me where I could. While that might have been fresh knowledge for some, it had been some time before I publicly shared it. But the largest part of my healing took place in my new home of Asheville North Carolina.

I’m not sure about anything, and maybe we’re all living in a simulation, or maybe it’s all a very real reality… but I know it’s quite beautiful. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you to all the couples who invited me into their space to capture their moments. I love and appreciate you all.

Press Play.

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