Sarah & David: Issaquah, WA


High above Seattle in a little tree farm, two kids got married surrounded by their nearest and dearest with a view of Mt. Rainier.

Sarah & David had such a sweet and meaningful wedding at a tree farm just outside Issaquah, Washington. While it is always a true joy to document stories in the Cascade Mountain range, the feelings of positivity and friendship that surrounded them honestly made capturing these moments so simple.

After photographing so many wedding stories, I think it becomes easy to detect the depth with which two people express their devotion and loyalty to one another. Sarah & Dave's vows were just that - devoted and loyal. In sensing these things, it sometimes hits you in new ways just when you think you've heard it all.

What an honor to have been a part of their day - a special thank you to Ben Morrison for helping me document this celebration. And as always, I recommend listening to the music as you view these photographs.

Alex LeflerComment