Des + Mitch: Provence, France Vow Renewal


How does one write the words to a blog post without sounding like a swoon-fest? What happens when the experience is truly as incredible as it's made to sound?

The world may never know.

But we do know that Des and Mitch's vow renewal in Provence, France was beautiful in every conceivable way. It's hard not to look back fondly at a dreamlike time with friends in a stunning country, paying tribute to their love under a 17th century windmill. We documented the renewing of their vows as they overlooked the hills of Provence, dotted with tiny hilltop towns as far as the eye can see. While we'll never feel like they totally capture the feeling, these images truly feel like some of our best work.

Press play and imagine the warm and hazy dream that was Des and Mitch's day.