Ashley + Ben: A Road Trip Renewal


Read before looking at the following images. 

We've shot weddings, engagements, portraits, and stepped into the lives of people all over the world. But these photos... these are special. We documented a road trip with Ashley and Ben across the US, shooting the experience along the way for 30 days. It culminated at Lake Cushman in Washington, where they exchanged a 5-year vow renewal (which we also officiated as well as photographed).

It's true that a lot of people get married. Many people lead unhappy, uncommitted marriages. Sadly, it's common for people to even part ways altogether. But after witnessing the open re-commitments between these two, we realized that it's not only moving: it's important. While many remain married in the world, it's important to see two humans re-affirming one another, and saying "I choose you, even when I don't feel like it." 

It's our belief that this kind of selfless choice is what breeds strength - both personally and as a unit. It can feel unfair - unjust, even. But to us, setting the paradigm of choice, intention, and unconditional love is the stuff of legend. After this experience, with all of it's beauty, vastness, and rejuvenation, we're choosing to live with that kind of intention: personally, with each other, and with our work.

Press play and enjoy the ride.


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