Northeast + Canadian Gallivanting Roadtrip

Almost two weeks ago we embarked on a 10-day, work/play roadtrip up the east coast into Canada. It was just us and Alex's brother, Andrew. We made stops in Niagara Falls, Boston, Portland, Acadia National Park, Nova Scotia, The Bay of Fundy, Quebec, etc. 

We saw some of the most amazing things we've ever seen. Canada is beautiful. It carries a sense of adventure with it as you scale the mountains and look out at what seems like an impossible vista. We camped fairly often and documented what we saw. At our northernmost point in the drive, we set up our tents at a cliff-side campground called Meat Cove. The stars were unbelievable and the scenery was alarmingly pretty. After waking up to the hot sun we scaled down the cliff trail to the beach and took a refreshing dip into the cold mountain stream that emptied into the ocean.

Hope this conveys the appropriate level of awesome. We also took many more photos and posted to Instagram along the way - be sure to check our personal accounts here:


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