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You found your person. You're getting married! Photography and getting your photos taken in general can be intimidating. But if there is one goal that's truly on my heart, it's that you can exhale and relax... and even forget the camera while you're focusing on the strange and wonderful human you're spending your life with. That's the adventure. And you'll definitely get photos of the details, family shots, and all the necessary things... but I want you to receive images of moments that you can look back on with rekindled, precious excitement.

So if you're the type that would rather strap on some hiking boots and hit the trail, or drive across a few potholes to get to somewhere stunning, then get in touch ASAP. I'd love to chat with you and learn your story! Remember that there is a real-life human person named Alexander on the other end of this form, and he loves it when people take the time to describe their celebration plans and talk a bit about themselves :) Let me in on all the wonder and normal-ness that makes you, you. The better I understand you, the easier it is to document your story. Whether your celebration is on a mountain or a backyard, what really matters is that we can connect and get along. You can count on me doing all that we can to jive with you from the very beginning. Can't wait to hear from you!


Weddings from $3600 | Elopements from $2800 | Adventure Sessions from $750

Available for travel worldwide


If you connect with what I do but the investment is a bit more than what you've budgeted, send over a message anyway. Having your story told well is important.


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Need to chat about something else? Email me directly at & unless you're some sort of evil alien, I'll be in touch as soon as I can :)

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