"We could just elope."

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A big wedding can sometimes feel like a bit much for some couples. Perhaps too much. There is expectation and pressure surrounding the creation of such a large event, not to mention making sure it's acceptable in the eyes of hundreds of guests. Instead, what if we told you it was ok to sneak off and say your vows to each other in your own personal way? The truth is that you can. Just elope. It's a simple kind of ceremony, where you can relax in the presence of one another without the constant performance anxiety in front of a big crowd. And the cool part is that you can do this anywhere, anytime.

My elopement coverage provides up to ~6 hours of coverage. This is a perfect amount of time to enjoy yourselves getting ready, stating vows, and exploring a bit while taking some rad photos that tell your story. Of course, we can always add time if you want to visit more locations or spread things out a bit.

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Elopement Tips:


Choosing a location:

The beauty of eloping is that you get to decide where to go. The Bolivian salt flats? You can do it. Overlooking a Norwegian fjord? Go for it. Just make it something meaningful to you. The benefit is that you can choose someplace you otherwise wouldn't be able to use for a larger wedding event. Nowhere is too crazy.

Time of THE year:

Another huge benefit to eloping is that you aren't restricted to getting married on a weekend day in the summer. You have total freedom to consider all times of year, anywhere on the planet.


Typically most States require at least one witness to your ceremony. You can bring a friend, sibling, parent, or whatever you'd like. If keeping it intimate is your cup of tea, I've also been known to sign as a witness :)

What to wear:

I recommend ditching the long glamour wedding gown in favor of a light, flowy dress that you can imagine yourself potentially hiking in. Many of the most interesting locations in the world often mean getting a little dirty to get there. For shoes, I suggest bringing along sneakers or boots in addition to the nice pair you may want for the ceremony.

But... What about a reception?

You can absolutely throw a big party when you get back home with all your friends and family! It's like a celebration without the pressure of the ceremony involved. You will no doubt have stories from your elopement that everyone will love to talk about. 



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