Fine art and destination wedding photographer and elopements by The Wayfarers Photography based in Asheville, North Carolina documenting moments all around the world.

Let’s chat.


Ok gang. This is the real deal. I’m stoked to hear from you and learn more about your story.


There are a few things we should cover first. 

I promise it’ll be worth it.


This is a friendship.

If there is one goal on my heart, it’s that you can exhale, relax, and step into a place of friendship with me. I’m not a standard vendor, and you’re not just my client. I truly want to know who you are! The effortlessness of kickass photos comes from being on the same page, and that only comes with a relationship. Let’s create through that relationship and make something beautiful.


Let’s capture your legacy together.


Tell me your story. Who are you? What are your hobbies? Do you know your myers briggs or enneagram? The sky’s the limit. Just tell me all the things that make your heart feel alive.



Need to chat about something else? Email me directly at & unless you're some sort of evil alien, I'll be in touch as soon as I can :)