Fine art and destination wedding photographer and elopements by The Wayfarers Photography based in Asheville, North Carolina documenting moments all around the world.

This is who I am.

I’m first and foremost a friend to cherished ones and a traveler of the world. I’m grateful to be an elopement and wedding photographer in Asheville, North Carolina.

But “grateful” is an understatement. This fortunate job has allowed me to stand awestruck on the granite cliffs of Yosemite, feel the Indian Ocean spray on the South African coast, and relax in the calm of the Southwest desert. Thankfulness goes to my clients who trust me, and my family who supports me.

Photo of me by   Christian Lemons

Photo of me by Christian Lemons


About me


Climbs nature stuff. Wears Maybe a little too much denim. Travels with gusto. Shows up excited.

My name is Alexander. I grew up in the sleepy river valley near Cincinnati, Ohio, and am now based in Asheville, NC. Growing up near nature spurred a deep adoration for the outdoors and it’s been a huge part of my life since as long as I can remember. Campfires, trails, dirt, community, and the calm of nature… that’s the stuff of joy.

I've experienced a generous serving of human circumstances that have made me laugh (the loud kind), cry (the ugly kind), and wonder how fortunate I am to have come upon such a wild and strange life. I'm deeply fascinated by how we live: the peculiar relationships we each share with one another, the weird glances between lovers. In between hiking, camping, and discussing which bourbon is best (there is no best bourbon), you'll find me photographing a story somewhere in the world. For me, it's less about what things look like, and more how things feel. If you're into that, we're probably kindred spirits :)

While I could certainly say a lot more cliché stuff, I'll just say that I'm simply excited to meet you and capture your love in a beautiful, new way. We'll have boatloads of fun in the process. You can trust that I'm deeply invested, but don't take my word word it - read what these kind folks have to say here.

If you're energized by the smell of a campfire, the embrace of your significant human, or hopping a few fences, then say hey!


My aim to is to make something new. 


You deserve more than a cookie cutter wedding or elopement. And you certainly deserve more than run-of-the-mill photographs.


I’m here to create intentional and unique photos with you, and for you. Capturing the love of couples with meaning and purpose on this beautiful planet is rewarding.

It’s a joy.


Ok. It’s time to do this thing.


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