Fine art and destination wedding photography and elopements by The Wayfarers Photography based in Asheville, North Carolina documenting moments all around the world.

Adventure weddings & elopements crafted with intention, for those in love.

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Hey, I'm Alex.


I shoot adventurous weddings and elopements all around the world alongside a small group of passionate storytellers, hikers, and explorers. Capturing the beautiful ways humans love each other against the backdrop of this wild Earth we're on... it's what I live for. 

Here’s the thing: I won't just take giant wide photos of you in a stunning place (although we’ll do a bit of that). We'll also capture a narrative together that describes your hearts. And who are you? Maybe you're the explorers, scoundrels, lovers of the great outdoors. Perhaps the beaten path just isn't for you. If getting a little dirt on your boots and embracing the world's incomprehensible beauty sounds like your jam, then I'd love to meet you and forge something unforgettable together.


Let's capture your beautiful story with a love-fueled dose of adventure.



A few favorites

Here you'll find some Delightful little journeys. Sip a whiskey and enjoy.


A little bit of everything, for those short on time.

A selection of various adventures, from campgrounds in Michigan all the way to the South of France.


Jacob & Lala:

Lake Powell Adventure Elopement

When lovers exchange intimate vows overlooking Arizona’s most glorious lake, magic tends to ensue.


Kate & Matt:

Death Valley Adventure Elopement

Two Aussies, a limo, a valley of death, and a stunning day that had more to do with life than anything else, really.

provence france adventure elopement bride and groom portrait goult sunset

Des & Mitch:

Provence, France Elopement

A 17th century windmill & truly absurd amounts of Provencal charm, laced with a David Bowie-infused sunset.

kauai hawaii adventure elopement wedding queens bath tidepool portrait

Elisa & Kevin:

Kauai Adventure Wedding

Four logic-defying days of gallivanting across Hawaii's most unrealistically beautiful island.

vermont adventure wedding sunset bride groom forest portrait

Rachael & Matt:

Bridgewater, VT Wedding

Sincerity is taken to wild new heights on a private mountaintop. A heart-warming groom serenades his bride. A raging party is had by all.


Cam & Janie:

Park City, UT Wedding

Is it possible for two individual human people to be equally committed, beautiful, and adventurous all at the same time? Yeah, apparently.


Should we elope?

Say your vows somewhere meaningful and intimate, so you can focus more on your love and commitment, and less on what color linens should go on the tables.


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